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Pricing & Licensing

Office 365 Pricing

Covering the different packages that
Microsoft offers in Office 365.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Covering what Microsoft includes in the 365 Enterprise suites - both E3 & E5. Includes pricing.

Combating O365
Application Overload

Short video that offers guidance on which Microsoft products to use in which scenario, along with which tools work best for your end users in each scenario.

Skype for Business

Quick video that explains the different pricing options and plans available.

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit Overview

Learn how you can use your on-premises Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance to deploy Azure virtual machines for your workloads, using this benefit.

Windows Server 2016

Standard and Datacenter Editions
Licensing Datasheet

On-Demand Webinars

Microsoft Executive Security Briefing Webinar

Microsoft Security Solutions

Finally understand the maze of Microsoft's cybersecurity offerings - many of which you may already own.

Getting Value From
Office 365

Beyond Exchange, see what applications within Office 365 have been designed to help your users be more productive.

Azure Security Center

Learn how you can prevent, detect and respond to threats while delivering increased visibility and control over the security of your resources – whether they reside in Azure, on-premises or in other cloud providers.

Modern Collaboration Teams

Get a good grasp on the capabilities of Teams, how it integrates with other Office 365 workloads, and how it can help with collaboration in your organization.

Getting Started with Power BI

Get a comprehensive understanding of Power BI and how it allows you to easily compile, organize, and share visual charts and graphs of data.

Demystifying Microsoft Licensing

Get a good understanding of Microsoft cloud licensing -- including packaging inclusions, pricing, and transitioning.

GDPR: What You Need to Know

Prepare your company for the GDPR privacy regulations that come into effect in May 2018.

Windows 10: Deployment & Licensing

Get an overview of common deployment scenarios and licensing option and understand each of their key capabilities and limitations.

M&A: Combining IT Infrastructures

Get an overview of Interlink’s proven methodology on integrating newly acquired firms, which has been used for hundreds of entities. Includes helpful tips on how to assess acquisition targets.

Microsoft Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS)

See how OMS delivers capabilities and capacity beyond any on-premises management solution by combining a holistic view of all your managed resources.

Office 365 E5 - Security & Compliance

See how Office 365's advanced tools can be used to protect your environment and make it more secure to help ensure compliance with outside regulations.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

View the powerful new capabilities of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security and how it ensures your critical company data is protected.

Azure Data Center Costs & ROI

We'll show you how to evaluate which workloads you should move, their dependencies, and how to price out workloads for Azure.

O365 Advanced Security & Compliance

Learn how you can take full advantage of the cloud while maintaining control, security and improved visibility of your assests.

Skype for Business Deep Dive

Get answers to all of your questions along with a full overview of the all-new Voice in the Cloud.

Everything You Need to Know About Office 365 E5

Get a good understanding of all of your options around Office 365 - including licensing and renewal.

Protect Your
Intellectual Property

Learn why Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the most cost effective tool set for protecting your company’s valuable intellectual property.

Azure Disaster
Recovery Scenarios

Gain a better understanding of how you can use Microsoft Azure Storage for simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud.

Azure Real World

Walks you through the Azure platform and how you can use it to extend your data center. Includes demo.

O365 Amazing
New Features

Learn how to move beyond the basics of Office 365 and extend the value to your business.

Understanding Microsoft's

Learn to affordably deliver access to apps and data across all devices and keep your business secure.

Office 365
Security Overview

Learn the specific security components of Office 365 to better secure your environment.



Cloud Magazine

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Microsoft Teams Overview Brochure

Microsoft Teams Overview

Bring chat, content, people and tools together, all in one hub, wherever you are.

SQL Managed Services Brochure

Executive Guide to Compliance & Data Loss Prevention

Covers several major sections of the Security & Compliance Center in Office 365.

SQL Managed Services Brochure

SQL Managed Services

See how Interlink supports your database applications through the highest levels of monitoring and reporting.

Managed Services Brochure

Managed Services

We work hand in hand with you to develop solutions that best fit the needs of your business - learn how.

OMS Security & Compliance Brochure

OMS - Security & Compliance

Get insight on how you can get threat detection and prevention through advanced cloud security.

GDPR Compliance Brochure

GDPR Compliance

Learn how you can prepare a new era in privacy regulation with Microsoft solutions.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Learn more about this dynamic relational cloud-based database that provides high availability.

Docusign + Office 365
Better Together

Keep your approval, contract and agreement processes 100% digital from start to finish by adding DocuSign to your Office 365/SharePoint solutions.

SQL Server 2014 & the Data Platform

An overview of the foundation of the Microsoft data platform, with in-memory technologies and faster insights on any data whether on-premises or in the cloud.

SQL Server 2016

Get a look at the next round of features in Microsoft's database product.


Case Studies

G&J Pepsi
Enterprise Mobility

Learn how G&J Pepsi used Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security to connect their office and field staff, resulting in an explosion of collaboration.

Hybrid Cloud

Construction company turns a taxing situation around with a hybrid cloud strategy.

LaRosa's Pizzeria
Office 365

Top restaurant group slashes their IT costs and adds functionality with cloud-based Office 365.

G&J Pepsi
Office 365 & Azure

The nation's largest independent Pepsi bottler proved ROI, slashed licensing fees and reduced implementation costs with cloud-based services.




Get the Interlink Advantage

Learn what makes us different and why our clients keep coming back.

Path to Azure Datacenter Planning

Seven questions to ask before moving your workloads to Azure.

Journey to the Cloud

See how you can get the most value out of your Cloud investments.

M&A Success Strategies

8 Ways to Ensure Technology Contributes to the Success of Your Merger or Acquisition.

Protect Your Business with EMS

Learn if your data and mobile devices are safe.

What is Azure?

Get a broad view of what Azure encompasses.

Cloud Identity & Access Management

Simple and secure access management with Azure.

Azure Cloud Security

Are you ready to join forces with Azure?

Enterprise Mobility

A fun look at taming your digital dragon.

Windows 10 Security

See how you can outsmart cybercriminals with Windows 10.

Is it time to upgrade from SQL Server 2005?

Learn if now is a good time to upgrade from SQL Server 2005.

Evolution of SQL Server 2014

See how SQL Server has evolved over the years.

SQL Server 2016

Overview of SQL Server’s new features - on-premises, in the cloud, and in between.

Prevent Security Breaches with O365

Learn how Office 365 prioritizes your data security.


Assessments & Proof of Concepts

Azure Energize

Deploy Azure with full integration into your network in less than two days.

Skype PBX Energize

A pilot offer that lets you test Skype for Business & its Cloud PBX feature in your own environment.

CloudLink 365

3 Ways, 6 Steps, & 5 Deliverables to help you determine how the cloud can benefit your company.

EMS Energize

Quick start POC that empowers your enterprise mobility and protects your intellectual property for up to 25 users.

All Available Assessments &
Proof of Concepts

Discover Microsoft funding programs that may be available to your company through Interlink.



Managed Services

Learn how our fully managed approach to IT can help your company and free up your team's time.

Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite Overview

Gain a quick high-level understanding of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite.

Demo: DocuSign Integrates with O365

A short demo of how to use DocuSign when it is integrated with Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint.

Cloud Atlas

A look at our methodology, which enables your organization to seamlessly move to Office 365 quickly and efficiently with limited interruption to your end users.

Microsoft Enterprise
Mobility Suite

Quick overview of the power of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite including self service password reset, single sign-on, mobile device management, and more.

Return on Investment
Microsoft Cloud

Get an overview of how clients are finding a ROI when moving to the Microsoft cloud.

Is It Time To
Upgrade Your Database?

If you have SQL Server 2005, you could be at a disadvantage. Learn if upgrading is right for you.

SQL Database -
Create DBs in Seconds

Learn how you can create databases in seconds with SQL Database.

SQL Database -
Dynamically Scale Up or Scale Down

See how you can dynamically manage your databases to adapt to changing workload demands.


Free Trials

Office 365

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Windows Intune

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