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Transform Your Business with Skype for Business...and Save $$$

Transform Your Business with Skype for Business...and Save $$$

Like most businesses, your environment is ever-changing, and keeping up with all the new and constantly updating software applications and devices can get quite cumbersome. It often detracts focus from larger, or more critical, business projects and agendas. These changes are happening so frequently that many businesses are investing some of their dollars in to communications. Whether it’s a chat solution, video conferencing system or some other files sharing application, you’re most likely in the same ball park. This is where many businesses fail to adequately determine actual business requirements and establish some level of governance and standardization, which often leads to IT having to manage multiple platforms or applications to support end users. I’m sure you don’t want to negatively impact your IT staff’s productivity either.  

Skype for Business is a simple and affordable option. Yes, that’s right. You heard me correctly. Skype for Business is not just a video chat tool anymore, as it now offers instant communication via phone call, video, conferencing, screen share, file sharing, and provides users flexibility and efficiency to work from their PC, laptop or mobile device.

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Affordable High Quality Video Conferencing

Affordable High Quality Video Conferencing

Polycom RealPresence Trio - package MSRP is $2300

Through experience we know that users want top quality audio first with simple operation. The Polycom RealPresence Trio combines the clarity of the Polycom conference room phone with a simpler operating screen where users can join with one click and no laptop required. 

The package includes a speakerphone, camera, and a Visual+ box for connecting to an external monitor over HDMI. With the implementation of a 5-inch color touch screen and intuitive navigation the Trio creates a simple system which means quick starts for every meeting and minimal training requirements.

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Polycom RealPresence Trio isn’t just simple for users, but it is also quick to deploy and easy to manage for administrators. With strong features such as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and zero-touch deployment it easily connects as a phone and can integrate directly with your call control platform. With ease of use and deployment in mind the Trio brings native integration with Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync 2013, and support for all the major SIP platforms to ensure that deployment is simple and future-proof. With the future built in mind the underlying software platform allows for future application expansion making the Trio an investment that continues to become better over time.

Stand-out Features:

  • Clear and rich audio experience powered by new, patented technologies such as Enhanced HD voice and NoiseBlock
  • Visual collaboration capabilities with HD content sharing and the option for real-time video interaction
  • Wired or Wireless pairing with portable devices (BYOD)
  • “One touch join” meeting ability resulting in a speedy connection
  • Affordably priced for mass adoption across every meeting space
  • Ability to extend audio coverage with expansion mics

Interlink can help guide you through how the Polycom RealPresence Trio can fit into your workplace environment. 

Contact us for more information.

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