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What Are The Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider?

Microsoft has identified the key privacy and security considerations to help you determine the cloud service provider that meets your security expectations.

A few examples taken from "The Top 10 Trust Tenets" article:

    1. Who owns the data I put in your service?
    1. Where is my data located?
    1. How is my data protected from external attacks?
    1. Can I get my data out of your service whenever I want?
    1. Will you use my data to build advertising products?

This article address many of the questions and concerns of moving to the cloud.
Click here to find the answers and access the article online
Other topics found in this article include:

    • Top 10 privacy and security features of Office365
    • Top 10 contracts, certifications, standards, and regulations that enable compliance

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Matt Scherocman

How Do I Choose the Right Cloud Deployment Partner?

Start with these questions when deciding on the right Cloud Deployment Partner:

    • Do they have a documented assessment process?  Can they show you completed examples?
    • Can they use Microsoft funding to make the assessment process at no cost to you?
    • Are they a Microsoft managed partner?
    • How many deployments have they completed?  Are they reference able?
    • Can they connect you to Microsoft to discuss their experience?
    • Are they a Microsoft certified Cloud Deployment Partner and Cloud Accelerate Badged?
    • Do they know about Microsoft fast track funding, up to $20K to help customers deploy Office 365?
    • Can they describe the four different migration methods and their pros / cons?
    • Can they describe your single sign-on options?

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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