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What Are The Different Packages That Microsoft Offers in Office 365?

Follow this link to the slides that Interlink has customized to make Office 365 pricing easier to understand.  The top chart includes all of the a la carte options that clients have.  The bottom chart are the suites that are available.  If you are considering an EA agreement, the E plans are the ones that qualify toward the minimum user count of 250.  The EA agreement offers an immediate 15% discount on the monthly prices of the service.  Let us know what questions you might have on the pricing.

Interlink- Office 365 Pricing Slides Updated

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Matt Scherocman

Which Online Plans Include Yammer?

Microsoft’s purchase of Yammer means that they have a real social collaboration platform.  Plus, they have included it in Office 365 SharePoint and E Plans at no additional cost for Enterprise Agreement (EA) clients.  The bottom line is that any plan with SharePoint now includes Yammer if it is licensed under an EA.  We also predict that Yammer will become available to everyone as Microsoft’s consolidates the licensing tools for Yammer with Office 365 later this year.

Matt Scherocman

Is it Better To Purchase Online Services Under an Enterprise Agreement?

Microsoft recently announced that they were reducing prices of their online service for Enterprise Agreement clients.  Essentially this amounted to a 15% discount across the board on the regular online E plans.  In my opinion, this change was long overdue while it finally builds a programmatic discount between retail pricing and Enterprise Agreement pricing that is significant.  Previously it was only pennies on the dollar, for example the E3 plan was $20 retail and $19.40 on the Enterprise Agreement, a 2% savings.  We are happy to see that these discounts are becoming standardized for clients.  Discounting on the new items will happen for clients as they add cloud to their EA agreement or they renew their agreement with cloud product.

Effective September 1, 2013, Microsoft has reduced the cost on Office 365 Full USL (User Subscriber License) for Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers.

EA SKUs impacted by the USL Price Reduction include Full, Transition, & Step-up USLs:

E1, E3, E4, Exchange Online Plan 1 and 2, Lync Online Plan 1 and 2, SharePoint Online Plan  1 and 2, SharePoint Online Plan 1 and 2 (both with Yammer), K1 Suite

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Matt Scherocman

What Are the Differences Between the E3 Plan and the Midmarket Bundle?

When the Midmarket Bundle is purchased as a license:

    • Must be paid for one year upfront
    • Cannot add other products (archiving for example to the product).  Without this, a user would not be able to placed on legal hold – which I think it required functionality for most clients

When the Midmarket Bundle is purchased directly through the portal:

    • Can pay monthly and can add other products

  Differences between Midmarket bundled purchased via the portal and the E3 plans:

    • E3 adds the Data Loss Prevention
    • E3 adds unlimited archiving and legal hold
    • E3 Office can be deployed with push methods – like group policy deployment or system center, midmarket can only be downloaded by each individual client
    • Rights management – internal controls of what other users can do with the senders email is only available in E3
    • Support for midmarket is business hours only versus 24x7
    • Midmarket is limited to a maximum of 300 users
    • Midsize options do NOT qualify for the on-premise  use rights like E plans.  So, all workloads would need to be run in the cloud with the Midmarket licensing

This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.
midmarket sku image

Matt Scherocman

What Features of SharePoint Are Available Under My 365 Plan?

We use several different resources for our clients.  Here is the link to the official service description from Microsoft:  TechNet

It can be cumbersome to read, so a SharePoint MVP developed excel version that are significantly easier to sort and work with.
Direct link to management version:
Direct link to the full version:


To compare SharePoint On-Premises vs. SharePoint Online click here:

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