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The New Office - Office 2016

The New Office - Office 2016

Office 2016 is the latest addition to Office 365. It’s made for teamwork, perfect for Windows 10, and full of new features that work for you. Updates in Office 2016 include:

  • Co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote – Real-time typing lets you see what others are typing and view their edits as they make them
  • Simplified Sharing – Share button located on the Ribbon in Word, Excel and PowerPoint lets you see who has access to a given document, allows you to invite others, and change access permissions to your document
  • Improved Version History- view or go back to earlier drafts of your document from within your document by clicking on the File tab and selecting history
  • Shared Notebooks – OneNote shared notebooks provide a centralized place to share all project information- videos, photos, drawings, hand written notes, screen clippings, etc
  • Modern Meetings – Use Skype for Business to send an instant message to ask a quick question and easily add voice, video, or screen sharing. Use Skype for Business HD video conferencing with co-authoring, and desktop sharing for collaboration
  • Office for all of your devices – Full viewing and editing of Office documents across Windows, Android, and Apple devices

Office 2016 and Windows 10

  • Windows Hello – Your Windows 10 device lights up in your presence and greets you by name. You can log in to your PC and Office 365 with a simple look or a touch – no need for password anymore
  • Cortana and Office 365- by learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes useful every day, bringing together all of your relevant business information so you can stay on top of your day. For example: if you are preparing for a team meeting, Cortana will pull the meeting time, location from the mail & calendar app, get the recent PowerPoint presentation you collaborated on from OneDrive for Business, and connect you to the Skype meeting
  • Office Mobile Apps on Windows 10 – Every new phone and small tablet running Windows 10 comes pre-installed with Office mobile apps, so you can be productive right away
  • Continuum – On Select Windows 10 premium phones you can use a Continuum-compatible accessory to project, even wirelessly, to any monitor. You can even connect to a mouse and keyboard to use your phone like a PC for getting things done
Matt Scherocman

Office 365 Security Overview

Stephanie Donahue

How do I copy and paste multiple items with Microsoft Office?

How do I copy and paste multiple items with Microsoft Office?

Do you often find yourself needing to copy and paste more than one item? More than two or three items? Well, now you can copy up to as many as 24 items from Office, PowerPoint or other programs and paste them into one document! 

So, how does it work? Glad you asked!!

Simply put, Office clipboard works with the standard cut and paste commands. I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t helping; I’m getting there!!

Matt Scherocman

Can you have 15 Copies of Microsoft Office on a single subscription?

Yes, when you purchase one subscription of Microsoft Office 365, you receive the right to install 5,5,5 copies of Office on different devices for that single user. We have highlighted the following points that speak to this licensing fact:

From Microsoft Official Volume Licensing Documentation*:

Italics are ours for clarification or emphasis:

  1. Each user to whom you assign a User SL (Subscription License) may activate the software for local or remote use on up to five concurrent OSEs (Operating System Environments). (5 copies for Windows and / or Mac)
  2. Each user to whom you assign a User SL may also activate Microsoft Office Mobile software to create, edit, or save documents on up to five of their smartphones and five of their tablets

In our words:

Each user of Office subscription, E3, or E4 can run up to 15 copies of Office - up to 5 that are full function 2013 (PC or Mac) AND up to five on mobile phone AND up to five more copies on tablets (currently only iPad Office is available – Android tablet to follow at a time that is unclear). Additionally, any user who has access to the web applications (K1, E1, E3, E4 plans or a-la-carte) could access Office functionality via any modern web browser.

Need a quick comparison chart?

*To check out the details, please see the Microsoft Office Services Use Rights Document and lookup Office 365 ProPlus: 

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