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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Demystifying Microsoft Cloud Licensing

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Demystifying Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Learn how you can best utilize Microsoft's licensing options.

Microsoft licensing confuses many businesses. Often, this lack of understanding causes organizations to license more products than necessary and buy the wrong licensing, resulting in unnecessary spending.

In this special on-demand event, Interlink’s Microsoft licensing guru Matt Scherocman demystifies the confusion around Microsoft Cloud licensing.

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Get a good grasp on Microsoft cloud licensing -- including packaging inclusions, pricing, transitioning, and answer questions like:

  • What are the major packages that Microsoft offers?
  • Which packages are targeted for small businesses?
  • What is this new Microsoft Enterprise 365?
  • What are the "gotchas" when purchasing cloud licensing?
  • How do you purchase a single license and use it again in the cloud?
  • How does using a small business plan to save significant money?
  • Which options are best when transitioning from existing Microsoft licensing?

After viewing this webinar, you’ll have a firm understanding of:

  • New licensing bundle options
  • Azure licensing, options and scenarios
  • The official sources of Microsoft licensing rules
  • Obtaining Windows server licensing for free when licensing the security bundle
  • Hybrid licensing scenarios and cost savings

If you have ANY questions about Microsoft licensing, this is one webinar, you’ll wamt to watch.



Matt Scherocman

Matt is a Certified Expert in Microsoft licensing and is commonly known as the “Microsoft Licensing Guru.”

By sharing his knowledge, Matt has helped (and continues to help) hundreds of organizations save money and time by choosing the right licensing options for their business. As a former Microsoft employee, Matt was responsible for Microsoft’s largest licensing reseller accounts across four states.

Matt Scherocman

Solve Your Licensing Conundrum with Microsoft’s New Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) Licensing Bundle

Solve Your Licensing Conundrum with Microsoft’s New Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) Licensing Bundle

Interview with Matt Scherocman – Licensing Wrangler and President of Interlink Cloud Advisors

Slashing through the dense thicket of software licensing often requires the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job, and an army of product experts. Understanding and sourcing your Microsoft licensing is like pouring over the Cheesecake Factory menu. But instead of deciding between hundreds of appetizers, lunch or dinner dishes, you must wade through pages of operating systems, applications, and security solutions.

“The entire licensing process has always been a problem for companies,” says Matt Scherocman, President of Interlink Cloud Advisors. “Thankfully Microsoft is doing something about it.”

That “something” is Microsoft’s new Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) offering that may make licensing headaches a thing of the past. SPE is a secure, desktop licensing bundle that is sold by user. Before getting to this new, streamlined offering, however, Microsoft has taken us on a bit of winding branding and bundling journey.


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