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WEBINAR ON 03.23.18 | Azure Security Center: Simplify Your Hybrid Cloud Protection

WEBINAR ON 03.23.18 | Azure Security Center: Simplify Your Hybrid Cloud Protection

While the cloud brings lot of benefits, it also brings another footprint that needs to be protected.

To stay ahead of current and emerging threats, you need a solution that ensures all of your data is guarded, and the appropriate security controls are in place and configured correctly. Azure’s tools are simple to use and provide enterprise level security – quickly. 

In a special on-line event on March 23, Microsoft and Interlink Cloud Advisors will cover Azure Security Center – a Microsoft service that helps you prevent, detect and respond to threats while delivering increased visibility and control over the security of your resources – whether they reside in Azure, on-premises or in other cloud providers.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn how Azure Security Center allows you to:

  • Make server security easy with whitelisting and automated recommendations
  • Get instant insight into security of your Azure deployments
  • Provide just in time access for remote administration
  • Review both the free and $15 per node options
  • Proactively limit risk by locking down access and applications
  • Quickly find and fix security vulnerabilities and configurations
  • Detect and respond to active threats across your entire IT infrastructure

We’ll also show you a live demo that covers Security Center’s advanced analytics, which will help you identify attacks that might otherwise go undetected.

Register today to learn how you can get unified security management and advanced threat protection across your Azure and non-Azure workloads.



Date: March 23, 2018
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM EST
No Cost


Matt Scherocman
President | Interlink Cloud Advisors

mike wilson
Mike Wilson
Vice President & Managing Consultant | Interlink Cloud Advisors

Sarah Bunt

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

teams webinar view webinar slides

Is it a constant struggle to effectively communicate with your team members?

Do you also find it hard to keep tasks on track and delegate who does what? Have you ever wondered who should be copied on a communication and who shouldn’t? Microsoft Teams may be the answer!

With Teams, you can communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know! The application lets you stay connected with chat, calls, and meetings within your business and tailors your workspace to include key services, explore data and get updates from the products your employees use every day! 

Sarah Bunt

On-Demand Webinar | Getting Started with Power BI

On-Demand Webinar | Getting Started with Power BI

Power BI webinar view

Convert your company’s data into eye-catching and understandable visuals without the help of your IT team.

Companies like yours are using Power BI - a suite of business analytics tools that analyze data and share insights – to easily create and share interactive visualizations of key data with self-service business intelligence capabilities.

In this on-demand webinar, Interlink Cloud Advisors discusses how Power BI can help your company with tools that allow you to easily compile, organize, and share company information through attractive visual charts and graphs.

Sarah Bunt

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Demystifying Microsoft Cloud Licensing

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Demystifying Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Learn how you can best utilize Microsoft's licensing options.

Microsoft licensing confuses many businesses. Often, this lack of understanding causes organizations to license more products than necessary and buy the wrong licensing, resulting in unnecessary spending.

In this special on-demand event, Interlink’s Microsoft licensing guru Matt Scherocman demystifies the confusion around Microsoft Cloud licensing.

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Get a good grasp on Microsoft cloud licensing -- including packaging inclusions, pricing, transitioning, and answer questions like:

  • What are the major packages that Microsoft offers?
  • Which packages are targeted for small businesses?
  • What is this new Microsoft Enterprise 365?
  • What are the "gotchas" when purchasing cloud licensing?
  • How do you purchase a single license and use it again in the cloud?
  • How does using a small business plan to save significant money?
  • Which options are best when transitioning from existing Microsoft licensing?

After viewing this webinar, you’ll have a firm understanding of:

  • New licensing bundle options
  • Azure licensing, options and scenarios
  • The official sources of Microsoft licensing rules
  • Obtaining Windows server licensing for free when licensing the security bundle
  • Hybrid licensing scenarios and cost savings

If you have ANY questions about Microsoft licensing, this is one webinar, you’ll wamt to watch.



Matt Scherocman

Matt is a Certified Expert in Microsoft licensing and is commonly known as the “Microsoft Licensing Guru.”

By sharing his knowledge, Matt has helped (and continues to help) hundreds of organizations save money and time by choosing the right licensing options for their business. As a former Microsoft employee, Matt was responsible for Microsoft’s largest licensing reseller accounts across four states.

Sarah Bunt

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Everything You Need to Know About GDPR & How it Affects Your Business

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Everything You Need to Know About GDPR & How it Affects Your Business

gdpr view webinar and slides

Are you prepared for GDPR?

In May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. This new European privacy regulation will permanently change the way you collect, store and use customer data for any European citizen or company.

Prepare yourself now by viewing this on-demand webinar by Microsoft and Interlink Cloud Advisors, which provides you with an in-depth overview of the GDPR regulations, including high-level requirements, penalties, and what you should be planning for.

Interlink's data protection and information security experts take you through compliance requirements and scenarios and demonstrate the Microsoft tools available to help drive compliance across your entire IT enterprise including Office 365, on premises, and third-party cloud solutions.


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