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Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit Changes - Is Your Organization Prepared?


Learn what is coming next regarding Software Assurance and keep your organization prepared.

What is Software Assurance?

Software Assurance is a comprehensive Volume Licensing program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help you deploy, manage, and use your Microsoft products more efficiently. Starting next month and continuing over the next two years, Microsoft has announced they will be making substantial changes regarding Software Assurance benefits. Make sure your company is prepared and knowledgeable about what comes next!  

Moving Forward 

Microsoft is making changes to Software Assurance, specifically with Planning Services, Training Vouchers, and 24x7 Problem Resolution Support. June 2021 will be the last chance to create planning services and training vouchers, so taking the time to understand the changes and put a plan together is important so you don’t miss the deadlines. 

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Need help managing the Cloud? Engage a Microsoft CSP to Guide You.


Traveling in an unknown country, going on a safari, or climbing Mount Everest all have one thing in common – to get the most out of the trip and stay safe along the way you need the services of a reliable, knowledgeable guide. Moving to the Microsoft 365 or Azure may not present as many personal perils, but it is also a journey you should take accompanied by a guide well versed in the territory.

Partnering with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like Interlink provides you with expert guidance and years of experience to navigate around the potential pitfalls that exist when you decide to move new workloads to the Cloud and as you decide to enhance your cloud experience with new tools, security options, and collaboration features. There are a number of ways a CSP can help with your adoption of the Cloud.

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The Economics of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program: How a CSP Can Help You Generate Significant Savings


You’ve already decided to build your next great idea in the Microsoft Azure Cloud or to take advantage of a new feature with Microsoft 365, but a big decision still looms: What is the best way to procure these Cloud offerings? You have several options, such as EA, CSP, MPSA, Pay-as–you-Go, and they all come with implications in service and cost. Which direction should you choose? After looking at the alternatives, more and more clients are choosing the one that offers the most economic flexibility and cost savings - is to engage with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

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Why the Microsoft CSP Program Offers the Greatest Cloud Customer Service Advantage


According to a Gartner survey, 81 percent of companies say they mostly or completely compete for business on the basis of customer experience.[1] In the highly competitive Cloud computing space, most businesses have their workloads and applications in the Cloud, finding a partner with outstanding customer service is the key to effective Cloud management. The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program provides you with the greatest customer service advantage when it comes to selecting a partner to help your organization save time and headache through expertise, responsiveness, and dedicated support.

A Microsoft CSP helps you navigate the complexities of the Cloud, while showing you how best to take advantage of the power of Microsoft 365 and Azure. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a CSP for your organization. There are numerous CSP partners, all varying in levels of expertise and the services they offer. Some of the considerations include evaluating the business health of the CSP, the support they can provide, their technical capabilities, and the breadth and depth of their security offerings. Choosing the right CSP for your organization is a crucial decision to ensuring the success of your Cloud initiative.

WHy use a CSP video blog

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Azure Pricing – How to Get Your Best Deal


Learn how to get the best deal with Windows Server Hybrid Use Benefit, SQL Server Hybrid Use Benefit, Server Subscriptions, and Reserved Instances. 

We’ve seen a lot of people simply paying too much!


Azure pricing can be confusing...

Many companies are struggling to understand how to get their best deal when running Azure workloads. Microsoft has programs that organizations should be taking advantage of. In this article, we’ll discuss the four major ways to get a programmatic discount on Azure that can save your organization money when compared to pay-as-you-go pricing.

A few years ago, Microsoft announced a price cut on Azure which made pricing between the various licensing vehicles all the same. Then they also gave guidance to their sales teams not to discount Azure until the customer commitment was in the millions. So, it is critical to take advantage of these programmatic discounts to get the best deal possible.

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